Thursday, August 20, 2009

google docs - interesting

Today I played around with google docs. It is much easier than I thought. I was able to send my doc out for editing by others and I could watch as they were making their editing remarks. How cool is that! I am beginning to see the possibilities on how to use this in my READ 180 class; especially with struggling writers. One huge problem I have with my READ 180 students is that when they write they write once and then they are done. They think revision means to fix a spelling error. I really have to work hard at teaching them this is editing and not revision. Google docs would be an easy way for them to practice revision and get better at it.

I probably won't jump in right away with this, but it is something I will try to use maybe after Christmas. I still have many new things to learn about google docs.


  1. In the class that I used Google Docs for, I found that the students that used google docs had mch better quality of writing because they were able to see revisions, make the changes, and work with it, and their writing did improve . . . especially the content.

  2. How fun was that when you sent us the google doc?!? It seems to be quite powerful and we all LOVED editing and seeing immediate responses and changes. I mean, we even decided to color code our answers so that we knew who was doing what! And then to see the revision history...WOW!!! I, too, am knowing that I want to fit this tool into my classroom. The "how" and the "when" will be the issue. (Sorry that I didn't know how to make this response a google document so that you could correct the grammatical errors that I know must be in here somewhere!)

  3. Super work with G docs, Deb! I see more coming!