Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 4 reflection

The week is done already? Last night a friend asked about my class. I said I've learned so much in just three days, but my head was spinning. I like that I can go home in the afternoon and play around with what I have learned in the morning.

I did a class blog last year with my students. I developed a rubric for scoring their comments. I did this all as a pilot to see how kids responded to blogging and how to evaluate what they were writing. I really wanted my students to respond to my thinking. I wanted them to comment on my thinking and respond with their own thinking. It took awhile to get my 6th graders away from commenting with "cool dawg". When I refused to accept that type of comment and modeled what exactly I was looking for, I got better responses. I shared my rubric for commenting on the blog with another 6th grade teacher and she used it too. We got together to revise it and will try it again this year. We still have a few questions for Steve K. and will be asking for his input this year as well.

I am so consumed with learning the other tools like RSS and igoogle that I have not really thought about how I might use those tools in class. I always need to see examples of how tools have actually been used with students. Then I process it and think how I can adapt it for my students and my teaching style. At any rate, I am ready to learn new things today.

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