Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brand new laptop and multi-tasking

It is 4:30 on Tuesday and I am using my new Macbook, watching Oprah (regular bacon is better for you than turkey bacon), keeping an eye out my window watching for my elderly neighbor as I already had to help him back to his house today after he went out for a walk, and believe it or not texting back and forth with my son. Now that is muti-tasking!

This course must be working for me. I had the confidence to go ahead and change my password on my new apple, figured out how to change the network while I am at home and after this post I am going to investigate about how to print from my new laptop.

I guess I am not all that different from some of my students. I just need the motivation to learn(discussions in class about the importance of new tech skills in our professional and personal lives), confidence to try new things (calm, caring instruction from our two teachers), and time to practice and play (still summer vacation!).


  1. I am SO impressed, Debbie! I tried to use my new laptop at home and did not have success. The fact that you were not only able to do this, but also text AND watch Oprah, well...I'm in awe!

  2. Real bacon - always!!!! Great job Deb stepping up and working hard with all of this tech stuff.