Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pod casts

I just spent a lot of time looking over all the podcast information. I landed on Calais Middle School's podcasts. They have a wide variety of podcasts that I thought were very well done. I especially like the "We like to Dance" podcasts. Evidently, each student at Calais Middle School has to take one quarter of dance. At the end of the quarter they put on a "dance recital" as a podcast. Middle school kids of all shapes and sizes were dancing together to 1940's music as well as the YMCA. And, they looked like they were loving it.

I was very impressed with Mahoney Middle School's Health Podcast. I didn't realize we have so many students with a British accent! I thought some of the health podcasts were of high quality.
Good Job Robin!

Where to start? I can see my students making commercials to "sell a book" they just read. I can see myself making a podcast to help kids remember the steps to use when trying to recognize cause and effect in a reading or how to find the main idea in a reading. I envision this could be a series of mini lessons that students and parents could listen to at home. These are all possibilities that I would have to really think about before using. Right now I feel a little overwhelmed with all that we have learned in this class. Perhaps I will just stick with the Wiki Page I am trying to work on for right now.

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