Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Full Moon, Mice Heads, and Legs

It seems to me that every year it doesn't take very long for things to become "crazy" "crazy" at Mahoney--full moon or not! I think it is because we are a school full of adolescents who are charged up on hormones and lets not forget that probably most of our faculty are 40-50 something women in varying stages of menopause! EVERYBODY comments how cold my room is when they come in. Hey, I'm hot--okay! It certainly makes for some good laughs when you can step back and take a look!

My biggest headache of the day was not at school and the changing schedule and my 6th graders needing to have it explained 50 times, but the 5 (yes I said 5!) mice heads I found on my front steps. My cat is a maniac! He eats every part of the mice except for the heads then vomits it all up late at night in our bedroom! Anybody want a black and white kitty?

I missed class today as I had my last sonogram on my leg after surgery in July. I am growing new veins (this just amazes me), no blood clots, and everything looks good. I can even walk up the stairs at Mahoney and not have a throbbing leg!

So, my 6th graders worked very hard on testing the last two days, almost everybody turned in the form saying their parents saw their progress reports, and I learned how to skype today! All is good in the world. I am off to learn about pod casting.

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