Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why can't I remember these things?

Today, I spent some time relearning how to use my grade book on Infinite Campus. Good Grief, I used it all last year without a lot of problems and this year I couldn't even remember how to set up my headings! I finally did it, but when I looked at it; the headings only show up on the quarter 1, quarter 2, quarter 3 and quarter 4 listings! Aren't they suppose to show up under quarter progress for each quarter too? Guess I will have to find some help.

I really got a sense of what some of our students must feel like when they are trying hard to do something and it just isn't working for them. At one point during the morning, I just wanted to yell out something, anything--just to let off some frustration. Instead, I just chewed some gum!


  1. How frustrating, but how great that gum exists in the world! You are welcome to come next door anytime you'd like to vent, however. I can't promise you an answer that would be minty fresh, but I can offer an ear willing to listen!

    As for the infinite campus dilemma, it sounds like you didn't click quarter progress when you were setting up your gradebook. Perhaps by now you have corrected it all, but if not, I'll try to help you tomorrow if you'd like.

    How good of you to realize what the students must feel like, too -- way to find the joy by making it yet another technology learning moment, Debbie!

  2. Andee, I haven't corrected it. I've heard that I should have clicked quarter progress and I've been told I don't have click quarter progress. I will have to get your help. But, You and I did get into the newsletter on IC and figured out how to make it work--two heads are better than one!

  3. Right there with you! Infinite Campus has me tearing my hair out . . .and how to get all the homework up . . . UGH!